february, 2019

19febAll Day20Event OverFeaturedAccelerate Your Referrals - Boot CampTuesday, February 19 10am - 6pm & Wednesday, February 20 9:30am - 5:30pm(All Day) Koelbel Library, 5955 S. Holly St.

Event Details

There are three types of people who benefit the most from this program.
~ You’re JUST getting started in your business and you’re REALLY struggling to define yourself. You’re terrified of being lost and confused and are starting to question what you were thinking of and if anyone even wants what you’re selling. (Of course, they do!)
~You’re getting a few sales here and there, but money is TIGHT. You need to increase cash flow so you can make additional investments in your business, but you can’t figure out how to get an influx of revenue. (Hint: This program shows you how to do it.)
~You’ve built some consistent business through referrals, but you’re looking for exponential growth and don’t know how to tap into your network for sources of referrals and sales. You’re READY to be seen as the authority in your market and want to take it by storm!

Part 1  It’s All About You

The most important part of your business is you. What you stand for, what your purpose is and how you wish to serve is what makes your company unique – no you, no business.  Here, you’ll get clarity on who and why you are in your business and learn to communicate it in a way that has potential clients fall in love with you and want to work with you.

Part 2  Claim Your Ideal Client

Discover exactly who you want to work with and what turns them on, so you absolutely  love how and with whom you spend each day. This is where you stop saying yes to anyone and everyone, and set clear parameters around who gets to work with you and who will benefit most from your one-of-a-kind gifts.

Part 3  Who Loves You, Baby?

Using 11 different categories, you’ll reveal exactly who has sent you business and how often, and assess the quality level and money-making potential of your business relationships.  Because when you have the right partners that you can count on to be there for you, you’ll have the confidence, strength and resources to keep your pipeline full and build a solid and sustainable business.

Part 4  Insider Secrets of the World’s Top Networkers

Get the top tips and trade secrets of today’s most highly effective networkers. The activities and pace by which you are able to build your business with, and through, others determines how soon you can have the fun, freedom, flexibility and income you desire.

Part 5  This Is Where the Money Is

If we want people to refer us, we need to make it easy for them – they already have a job!  When your referral network is fully equipped and trained, you’ll see a big difference in the quality of referrals they send you. Then you’ll be right on track to building an amazing business and spectacular life.  No more tire-kickers and wrong-for-you prospects. No more hoping and waiting for people to refer you.

Part 6  Beyond Relationships

Think about it for a second.  When someone refers you, what is the first thing that they do?  They look you up in a possible variety of places. You want to make sure that when people go looking for you that you look good wherever it is they are looking for that information.

Limited to 14 people


february 19 (Tuesday) - 20 (Wednesday)


Koelbel Library

5955 S. Holly St.

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Bring a friend or business associate and the second person gets 50% off. Contact Donna for this. Email below or 303-449-0418.

Tickets are not available for sale any more for this event!

Donna Riccardo, Referral Marketing Strategist